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Writer's Block: Dog Day Afternoon

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The Dog Days of summer, the hottest days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, start today. What's your favorite thing to do in hot weather?

It just started today?!?! Really?
Its been hot as hell in Pennsylvania since sometime in May!

But anyway, I despise summer so when the temp. reaches 69' Im indoors sitting
on a stool playing the Sims 2 or checking my myspace.

I dont like turning the AC on very long because it makes me cold and I dont enjoy that.
I dont take cold showers because I think warmth against warmth feels good.
I dont go to the beach because I hate the suns rays.

The only thing I really do outside is walk around town with Dahive♥, Austin, Emily, and Cheyenne.

When it rains, thats another story. I love the rain so when it thunderstorms I
go outside and act like a total retard:P
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